Caring parents around the world testify to the positive effect of amber on teething in babies. This effect is due to succinic acid, which enters the body when worn. Amber beads for children are as close as possible to the source of pain - the gums and teeth, therefore, they greatly facilitate the condition of the child.

We know how difficult and frustrating it can be to watch your child desperately suffer from teething pain that keeps your toddler drooling and irritating all the time. We also know that loving mothers like you don't want to expose their baby to harsh chemicals that promise relief, but at the cost of side effects.

All our beads and bracelets are handmade from 100% real Baltic amber. The length of the string of children's amber beads is 33-35 cm, which meets a high level of safety: the baby will not be able to break them or start gnawing. At the same time, they will not interfere with his activity and games, impede movement or distract.

In addition to reducing toothache, natural amber beads for children are antimicrobial and natural analgesic. They will be useful for children with asthma, allergies or other bronchopulmonary diseases - the unique properties of succinic acid will ease the suffering and discomfort of the baby.

In our online store, you can buy amber beads for a child complete with a bracelet. In case you are afraid of leaving your baby in beads overnight, the bracelet will continue to have a positive effect. In addition, wearing beads and bracelets has a synergistic effect.