"We know for sure that Baltic amber has its own unique character. And to reveal it for you, to show the subtle soul and all the natural beauty of this stone – that's the task of our family store ..."

What is it like – our native amber store

  • 01AMBER HEART is not just a typical amber jewelry store, it is a family business born on the shores of the Baltic Sea. The sea, which gives us amazing stones in the hope that we will be able to tell an exciting story about them.
  • 02AMBER HEART is a place where natural amber finds completion in exclusive jewelry and designer creations for those who are able to feel all its strength and devotion to the owner.

Take a look at the catalog and you will understand that visual perfection and luxury are available here and now. And even those products that are created by craftsmen in a SINGLE COPY, you can afford to buy.

Who are we?

AMBER HEART is a favorite project of MARINA LLC, which is the oldest manufacturer of amber jewelry not only in Kaliningrad, but also in Russia. Only from 1998 to 2011 our family company was called "BARKAS".

Until 2017, we did not have our own offline or online store of amber products. Priority in development was given to the wholesale direction + participation in International and Russian exhibitions.

As a manufacturer of amber jewelry, we WERE PROUD that our products were sold all over the world. But at the same time we realized that distributors greatly overestimate the cost. And after all, the main idea of our family business was and remains affordable luxury.

That's how the Baltic amber store appeared with adequate prices.

And we are glad that everyone can find THEIR OWN jewelry in AMBER HEART.

How are unique amber products created?

Nature has taken care of the beauty of the sunstone, and the task of the manufacturer of the amber product is to strengthen it and show it framed by the designer's imagination. And for MARINA LLC, this is the law.

  • 01We carefully select and purchase valuable Baltic amber from Kaliningrad Amber Combine JSC.
  • 02For each model of jewelry, an author's design is developed that emphasizes the features of the gem.
  • 03Talented craftsmen who love this stone with all their hearts are engaged in filigree handmade work to create amber products for our online store.


AMBER HEART products are real! Has CERTIFICATES.

We categorically do not accept the use of glue, chemical additives, plastics, epoxy resin.

We dare to hope

that our amber store in Kaliningrad will become your FAVORITE,

exactly like the jewelry that creates for you

The Baltic Sea, the sun and WE...

Learn more about our world of amber jewelry in our blog. You can read reviews about us in the special section REVIEWS on Yandex.Market and in the profile Instagram.

If you are in the Kaliningrad region and want to come, then you can find us at the address: Kaliningrad region, Svetlogorsk, Zheleznodorozhny lane 9a. Contact phone number +7-40153-2-26-99

LLC "MARINA" Registration certificate 39No001440610, Interdistrict Inspection of the Federal Tax Service No1 in the Kaliningrad region dated May 19, 2011. OGRN 1113926017930.