Amber Bracelets

Bracelets should be in every jewelry collection

Beauty, originality, combination with our style - this is what we pay attention to when choosing jewelry. Is not it? Amber surprisingly combines all these qualities, becoming the perfect accessory suitable for any outfit and for any reason. In our store, fashionable women will be able to buy amber bracelets at competitive prices. A wide range of products is the key to success among buyers. Our accessories won the hearts of even the most demanding women.

Amber bracelet will create an irresistible look

The stone, created from the resins of the oldest conifers, has been considered one of the most popular materials for jewelry from time immemorial. Mysterious and very beautiful, having hundreds of bright names, amber always remains fashionable and in demand. As if filled with sunlight, an amber bracelet will emphasize femininity and sophistication of nature, and also goes well with any style and color of clothing.

In our store amber bracelets of various colors are presented:

  • From oolong stone - a milky color with slightly dark veins is excellent for both light and dark skin.
  • From the husked amber - a stone filled with multiple clots, creating a skillful play of sunlight.
  • Red - a rich, very unusual and bright bracelet will always remind you of summer with its color of ripe cherries.
  • Amber of a dark, saturated brown shade, which is a classic option for fashionistas at all times.

An ideal gift for a woman - an amber bracelet

The mysterious, magical, amber created from resin amazes with its beauty humanity for many millennia. The stone is assigned healing properties, but its main purpose is to complement any female image.

Such a decoration will be appreciated by everyone who is lucky enough to receive such a present. Indulge yourself and you, because we sell amber bracelets at a good price. Give yourself a warm, infinitely beautiful accessory, perfect for any color of hair and eyes, because you deserve it.

Come, we have plenty to choose from! The big advantage of the store is one of the largest assortments among Russian companies. Nowhere else will you come across as many fashionable and original amber jewelry as ours. All products are made of Baltic amber of the highest quality - our customers are always satisfied with their purchases and come to us for other jewelry - beads, earrings, pendants and so on. It's time to get a fashion accessory at a great price!

Amber Heart - your amber jewelry store

Amber Heart is always happy to bring shopping pleasure to its customers. You can easily choose a jewelry that suits your style of clothing or accessory. And our prices and fast delivery will save time and money. Give yourself a sunny stone that always pleases and remains in fashion.