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Amber will become the favorite stone of people around the world in 2023

Amber is the lucky stone of 2023 due to its unique properties and the many benefits it is said to bring to those who wear it. One of the main reasons why it is considered a lucky stone is due to its association with luck and abundance. It is believed to attract wealth, success, and luck, so it is a great gem to use when trying to attract more blessings into your life.

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit, starting on January 22 and ending on February 22, 2024. Based on the philosophy of Feng Shui, in the Year of the Water Rabbit, the element of wealth is Fire, and the lucky color of 2023 is red.

Red amber - stone 2023

Red amber will become the favorite gemstone of people all over the world in 2023. Its unique hue and magical energy make it an ideal stone to use for good luck. It is also known as the "stone of love" because it is believed to attract love, increase passion and bring harmony to relationships. Red amber is considered a stone of courage, protection, and strength, making it the perfect gem to protect against bad luck.

камень 2023 года
  • 01Red Amber is said to be a powerful healing and energy grounding stone, helping to calm the mind, body and soul.
  • 02It is believed to bring a calming and healing energy to its wearer, making it a great stone to use when you are feeling down or out of your element.
  • 03Red amber gives a feeling of safety and security to its owner.
какие камни нужно носить в 2023 году

Amber is often associated with the sun and is believed to have the ability to bring warmth and light into the life of the person who wears it. In some traditions, amber is used as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It is believed that it can help people overcome difficult times and problems, brings good luck, abundance.

  • Yellow or orange amber is associated with the sun and warmth and is believed to bring positivity and joy to the wearer.
  • Brown (cognac) amber is associated with the earth and is believed to bring stability and grounding energy.
  • Dairy is associated with purity and tranquility, great inspiring energy.
  • Green is closely associated with vitality and new life.
Overall, amber is a highly prized and sought after gemstone, believed to bring good luck, abundance and a range of other benefits to those who wear it. It is likely that demand for amber will only increase in the coming years, making it a potentially valuable and profitable investment for those interested in buying it. So, amber stone is considered a stone of good luck in 2023.

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