While the innovative and high-tech side of the beauty world is busy experimenting with microcurrents and synthesizing new fancy ingredients, there has also been a simultaneous return to more old-school beauty treatments in recent times. For example, to the Chinese traditional medicine, which is famous for its facial massages using various natural stone tools.

In our online store there are massagers made of natural Baltic amber. They are used by professional massage therapists in salons and offices, but due to their ease of use, they can also be used at home.

In the world of beauty, amber is known for its effects on mood and skin. Helps relieve stress and get rid of negative emotions. Active city life and stress often affect the skin negatively - for example, wrinkles, circles under the eyes or even acne.

Massage with amber sticks or gua sha helps:

  • improving the radiance of the skin, tightening pores, smoothing wrinkles. In combination with appropriate cosmetics, these properties are enhanced;
  • brighten skin tone and reduce dark spots and circles, combined with nutrients such as vitamins C and E;
  • stimulating the immune system, which helps fight problems that can affect appearance;
  • promotes lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and fluid accumulation;
  • relieves stress on the face and jaw;
  • improves blood circulation, which promotes collagen production.

Massage with amber instruments helps to improve overall health and skin. It is a breath of peace in your busy life. A daily ritual, an act of self-care.