Raw amber for children

Teething Raw Amber Baby Kits

Children's beads and bracelets made of natural raw amber. Such decorations help the child by calming his nervous system, relieving irritation and reducing pain during teething. Beads and bracelets are made of small stones and carefully polished. Nothing will create discomfort for your child when wearing healing amber beads.

Amber beads for children, while on the neck, are as close as possible to the source of pain - gums and teeth, and therefore greatly facilitate the condition of the child.

The length of the string of baby amber beads is about 33 cm, which corresponds to a high level of security: the baby will not be able to tear them or begin to bite. At the same time, they will not interfere with his activity and games, restrict movement or distract.

In addition to reducing toothache, natural raw amber beads for children are an antimicrobial and natural analgesic. They will be useful for children with asthma, allergies or other bronchopulmonary diseases - the unique properties of succinic acid will ease the suffering and discomfort of the baby.