Amber necklaces

Beautiful amber beads and necklaces for absolute style and timeless elegance

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman without jewelry that emphasizes her beauty and personality. Amber beads are one of the most popular jewelry today. This natural material has not only a unique appearance, but also has medicinal properties that favorably affect the body.

Amber Heart online store offers exquisite jewelry made from natural stones for the beautiful half of humanity. Original, extravagant and stylish jewelry is suitable for both business meetings and romantic evening walks. If you strive to be attractive and follow the latest fashion trends, it means that the choice in favor of natural material is made correctly.

The gem is not in vain called the sun stone. Amber products fill the soul with warmth and cheer up. Natural stone eliminates nightmares and restores peace of mind. Representatives of alternative medicine advise wearing a stone to get rid of various ailments. It relieves amber from headaches, and from pains in the stomach, normalizes the thyroid gland, is a natural antiseptic.

Amber beads are a great accessory that will fit almost any wardrobe and appearance. Warm and soft shades of honey and a deep cognac stone color look stylish on girls of any age. Give your image tenderness, fragility and elegance.

Our catalog presents a luxurious collection where you will pick up a model just for yourself. This can be a product from large beads, which will attract the attention of others and emphasize your special taste of style. Or give preference to products with elastic, comfortable for everyday wear with any of the styles of clothing. Be original, fresh and luxurious.

Our catalog contains models

From pressed balls. The budget option is perfect for everyday wear. Natural stone of small size, processed and pressed from small stones.

From round large beads. Universal option, suitable for different ages. An original decoration emphasizing the courage and creativity of nature. Ideal for women with high stature and fragile physique. But ladies of elegant age and dense physique should carefully choose this type of product so as not to draw attention to age-related changes and not to overload the neckline.

Faceted. A more expensive option, characterized by its uniqueness and play of light. Perfectly transparent, processed, look noble and luxurious.

Natural. Fascinate with its beauty and internal pattern. Bubbles, voids, cracks, the remains of leaves and insects attract the views of others. There are legends that wearing jewelry with one insect brings good luck, and with two it attracts love to your life.

From raw amber. They look natural and stylish. Suitable for strong-spirited and dynamic persons. They give a special charm and attractiveness.

Amber Heart store offers its customers to buy amber beads, luxurious earrings, pendants and bracelets made of amber. Only here you will find products from the highest quality stones found on the coast of the Baltic Sea. Present a gift to yourself or a person dear to you and your attention will not go unnoticed.

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