Natural amber products are gorgeous and unique. This is true natural beauty, but beauty periodically requires some work. Amber jewelry needs care and respect.

Follow these basic guidelines and your amber jewelry will continue to remind you the first day you bought them.

How to clean amber?

To clean amber, use a soft flannel cloth moistened with clean, warm water. Dry amber very carefully. If you want to restore shine, use a small drop of olive oil to polish the amber, and then wipe it again with a dry cloth.

Amber jewelry should not be stored together with other jewelry, where they can rub against other objects, especially metals. We recommend that you place your Baltic amber jewelry in a soft bag (flannel and velvet are perfect for this purpose) with a tie for closure. Do not wear Baltic amber jewelry before applying hair spray and perfume, as this can lead to the formation of a whitish coating, which can become permanent, as well as dull the amber shine.

How to care for amber? Our recommendations

Since amber is natural, it is somewhat lively and porous and still interacts with the environment. Another important thing in caring for amber is to avoid ultrasonic or steam cleaners that can ultimately break up the stone. It is also highly recommended that you never allow amber to come in contact with chemical solutions, detergents, or commercial jewelry cleaners. Keep amber jewelry away from kitchen substances.

Always remove jewelry while swimming; chlorine is especially harmful to jewelry.

If any chemicals come in contact with your jewelry, be sure to rinse it off immediately to avoid any accumulation that could make the cleaning process difficult in the future.

Keep amber jewelry away from direct sunlight and heat. Avoid exposure to sudden changes in temperature, such as hot baths, very cold water, and getting into the oven and then to a cold sink. This can all affect the look of amber.

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